Haval Shows up at Baghdad International Exhibition

On November 1, the 42th Baghdad International Exhibition kicked off. Haval showed up with a strong lineup comprising Haval H2, H6, H8 and H9, marking Haval's successful entry into Iraq.


 (HAVAL  H6)





With unprecedented scale, the exhibition attracted 600 enterprises from 22 countries this year and drew strong support from the Iraqi government. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi unveiled the exhibition and dignitaries of the Iraqi government came in flocks. Through such a grand exhibition, Haval made a brilliant appearance in the Middle East.

(Dignitaries of the Iraqi government visited Haval's booth)

On the opening day, Mr. Adnan Razin, Head of the Iraqi National Automotive Company, preferentially visited Haval's booth and was warmly received by Mr.Saddam, General Manager of Great Wall Motors' local partner Nahj Aliraq Co. Ltd. During the visit, Mr. Adnan Razin furthered his understanding of Haval's brand concept and acclaimed the quality of Haval products. On the public opening day, Haval stood out among numerous brands by concise and trendy booth design as well as fine and rich products, caught eyes and became the shiniest star in the exhibition. By November 3, Haval's booth had attracted over 5,000 visitors, showing the local consumers' great expectation of Haval products.


(Mr. Adnan Razin, Head of the Iraqi National Automotive Company visited Haval's booth)

(The media interview)

To enhance local consumers' knowledge of Haval products and brand, Haval will present a series of brand activities and test drives after the exhibition. Besides, Haval's several planned business outlets in the Middle East will be completed and go into operation to further perfect Haval's global market network.


(HAVAL attract eyeballs)

(Brand Activity)

Iraq is one of Great Wall Motors' largest overseas markets in the Middle East. Great Wall Motors enjoys high popularity and reputation among local consumers, laying a solid market foundation for the entry of Haval products into Iraq. Despite the political instability and economic slump caused by Iraq's civil strife since last June, Great Wall Motors has worked closely with its partners and overcame many barriers, which guarantees the brilliant launching of Haval in Iraq market.