Haval as Aggressive Double Champion in 2015 COC Show in Shanghai

Haval Team in Vigorous Preparation for Fighting in Shanghai 2015 COC

Shanghai Station of 2015 COC started in Fengxian on November 1. In the modern city of Shanghai, cultural deposits of automobile race take the lead in China and automobile racing has huge markets. COC selecting Shanghai as its sub-station can not only promote development of automobile racing culture in Shanghai but also further improve COC’s influence.

Haval Team of Shanghai Station participated into matches of Diesel Manufacturer Group and Diesel Modification Group.During preparation, professional technicians of Haval Team made more refined adjustment of racing vehicles more suitable for the drivers based on each racing driver’s manipulation habits and advantages. Overhauling of the racing vehicles was corrected to each part and no omission shall occur in personnel arrangement. 

Haval Team Strut Their Stuff in Preliminary Match Despite Difficulties

In the drastic preliminary match, ongoing rainfall made the match become more exciting and more compelling. Many drivers failed due to faults but four drivers in Haval Team calmly finished the match. Haval driver Zhao Xiangqian of Diesel Modification Group was the first one of his Group and created the fastest record in the preliminary match. Other Haval drivers of Shen Weijian and Liu Hongwu of Diesel Manufacturer Group were the top two. 

”The COC can effectively testify various performance indicators of racing vehicles and also challenge drivers’ road sense at the same time. The driver Shen Weijian said in an interview after the match, “The weather impacted our match, but we have adjusted our racing vehicles and actively adjusted our own conditions before the match, thus we were at ease during the match.”

Four Haval Drivers Gallop into Quarter-Final

It was clear sky in Shanghai on November 2. Bilateral bridge was not as slippery as yesterday, but vehicle wheels had wet sludge through lots of barriers; and if both wheels could not correctly drive into bridge floor, wheel-slip would easily occur and cause vehicle falling. However, Haval Team was bold challengers and stood out from so many excellent drivers. All the four Haval drivers entered into quarter-final. 

Haval as Aggressive Double Champion by Stabilized Performances 

2015 COC in Shanghai Station was ended on November 3 through three days of rivalry. With rich experiences and stabilized performances, Haval driver Shen Weijian became the champion of Diesel Manufacturer Group, Zhao Xiangqian was the third winner of Diesel Modification Group, and Haval Team became the champion of Club of Diesel Manufacturer Group.


Haval Drivers on Podium

Members of Haval H6 Alliance Riders and Haval Corps, organized by Shanghai Jinhu and Shanghai Dongwei Haval 4S stores, cheered and shouted their support.

Group Photo between Haval Drivers and All Riders in Base Camp

Haval Team has created glorious achievements when they took part in COC in Shanghai for the first time, which is closely related to Haval concept of focusing on off-road race. Haval Team is named as an off-road king as a result of boasting racing vehicles of superior quality, professionally technical teams and outstanding Haval drivers.