• Highlights

    Efficient 2.0L Turbocharging Direct Injection Engine

    Rated Power: 160kW/5500rpm
    The engine achieves its maximum power output of 160kW at 5500 rpm, guaranteeing its good power performance.
    Maximum Torque: 324N•m/2000-4000rpm
    Engine reaches the maximum torque of 324N•m at 2000 rpm and keeps high torque output until 4000 rpm, which brings about superior start and acceleration performances.
    Maximum Power Per Liter: 80kW/L
    The power per liter, a key indicator for measuring engine power, reaches the maximum of 80kW/L. Therefore, the engine can maximize value of every drop of power and achieve strong power experience with little input.

    Front Double-wishbone Suspension

    Double-wishbone independent front suspension, with a classic structure of strong off-road SUV, has two wishbones that could absorb motion transverse forces at the same time, so that the support only bears body weight. Therefore, transverse rigidity is high enough to ensure the tyre contacts ground closely, and the body is stable under various road conditions. The Upper and lower wishbones with unequal length can change camber angle when wheels are moving up and down to reduce tread variation and tyre wear, also guarantee comfortable driving and seating.

    Rear Multi-link Suspension

    In view of SUV suspension technologies worldwide, multilink rear suspension has become one of the most advanced suspension systems, as it guarantees necessary bearing capacities of SUV with broader adjustment space for specific adjustment of different vehicle models, so as to meet demands of different vehicle models, obtain strong driving sense and build seating comfort. These are advantages of multilink rear suspension and one of the reasons why it is applied to luxurious SUVs.

    Full-power Intelligent Four-wheel Drive System

    ECU of transfer gear automatically collects real-time data of the running vehicle (including vehicle speed, wheel speed, throttle opening, etc.) to achieve reasonable switching of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive by controllable torque transferred by the transfer gear according to actual running conditions.

    ZF 6-speed Automatic Manual Integrated Transmission

    F1 Racing Car Shift Piece:Drivers may shift without their hands off the steering wheel, providing the driving experiences just as driving a F1 racing car.
    Manual/Automatic Switching :Drivers may switch to manual shifting mode according to their driving habits to bring about smoother shifting and pure driving pleasure.
    Safety Locking Function :To prevent the shift lever is switched to the driving gear unexpectedly in order to enhance driving safety.
    Multiple Speed Design :Six-speed design with smooth gear shifting increases fuel economy.

    TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System):

    It pre-warns in case of hazard of the tyre by real-time monitoring so as to substantially increase the safety factor.

    All-Round Airbags

    Dual Airbags:in case of front collision, the air bag opened absorbs collision energy with the distribution effect produced by the venting hole at the rear of the air bag.
    Front Side Airbags:it is inflated at the moment of collision to reduce the impact energy, so as to effectively alleviate side injury to the driver and passenger seating in the front row.
    Side Curtain Airbags:to effectively avoid direct contact of heads of the front and rear row passengers with side windows so as to reduce injury to their heads in case of side collision.

    Blind-free Parking Assist System

    Reverse Camera:When parking, the system will connect automatically with high definition camera at vehicle rear to display rear conditions on the liquid crystal display, in a vivid and clear manner for easy parking. Parking Radars(Front 4+Rear 4): The entire vehicle is equipped with 8 radar sensors, 4 in the front and 4 at the rear to increase parking safety by means of reversing visibility and dynamic parking line.
    Angular Adjustment of External Rearview Mirror: When parking, external rearview mirror at the right side turns down automatically to make sure low obstacles at the right rear side are visible.

    Infinity Entire Entertainment System

    NVH Ultra-silent Cabin:The ultra-silent cabin is built by three means of noise reduction, noise insulation and noise absorption.
    Infinity 5.1 Track Hi-fi Loudspeaker :World leading automobile audio system and 10 loudspeakers supporting Dolby digital 5.1 track amplifier to build shocking tone feel with sense of presence.
    Selection of Diversified External Equipment: Handrest case is built in with AUXIN/USB interface and DVD host is hidden under the seat. The display is set with USB and CVBS interfaces for multiple options, easy and practical.

    AFS Intelligent Lighting System

    Speed-sensitive Lighting Assistance :Speed-sensitive intelligent selection of lighting mode: lighting track is wide and lighting area is broad at low speed; lighting illumination is far at high speed to guarantee running safety.
    Rotation-sensitive Lighting Assistance :Intelligently and automatically adjust light illumination center, rotate with rotation of the steering wheel and automatically point to the curve to guarantee high visibility of the curve and substantially increase running safety on the curve at night.
    Curve Lighting Assistance :When vehicle speed is lower than 40km/h and steering wheel angle is larger than 60°, fog lamp illuminates automatically to assist curve lighting to ensure curve illumination is free from any dead angle.
    Body Inclination Adjustment Assistance :The system automatically adjusts inclination of optical axis with change in body elevation angle to avoid poor illumination as a result of lift.

    ESP Bosch 9th Generation Electronic Assist System

    Vehicle status is monitored by several sensors and adjusted by braking so that the vehicle runs by the driver’s intention.
    ESP (Electronic Stability Program):Make sure vehicle is safely running on the correct track, prevent vehicle skid and improve running stability and safety.
    HDC (Hill Descent Control): With control of ABS braking speed, intelligent control of hill descend speed is realized to achieve stable descending and easy driving.
    HAC(Hill-start Assist Control): Four-wheel monitoring of start brake force enables the body to hold braking for 2 seconds to avoid slide and easily handle hill start conditions, in case of start on a ramp.

    NIVOMAT Self-adaptive Balance System

    It keeps the body stable and provides the dynamic comfort experience of rivaling air suspension to guarantee constant height of chassis under any loading conditions and increase vehicle trafficability characteristics.


    High-glossc Chrome-plated Front Grille

    Transverse and horizontal design of chrome-plated front grille fully guarantees intake effect and enough tension

    Fashionable and Sports Side Pedal

    Exquisite and sports chrome-plated design highlights luxury and shows SUV characteristics.

    Sports Roof Rack

    Integrating aesthetics and practicability, the rack storage space is expanded and perfectly combines with roof streamline.

    Complete LED Tail Lamp

    The modeling with complete LED light source is sporty and bright and builds a transparent and bright visual effect.

    3D Headlamp Combination

    With self-cleaning xenon headlamp + LED daytime running lamp, the modeling is fashionable and technological. The headlamp can sense light source intelligently, switch on and off automatically to clean at any time. LED daytime running lamp is exquisite, tough, energy-saving and safe.

    Fashionable and Sports Hub

    The sports modeling is simple, fashionable yet without prejudice to the sense of power.

    Multifunctional Rearview Mirror

    Integrated LED steering lamp, the rearview mirror boast functions of electric heating, electric holding, and night illumination, which is convenient and practical.




    Parameter & Configuration

    Vehicle Models
    2WD 4WD
    Standard Luxury Standard Luxury
    Chassis&Steering System
    Hydraulic Power Steering
    Ventilated disc/ Disc brakes with drum
    Shark Fin Roof Radio Antenna
    Electric back door
    Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hubs
    Shark Fin Roof Radio Antenna
    Luggage Carrier (Matte Alloy)
    Side Pedals
    Rear Bumper Stainless Steel Pedals
    Automatic Wiper
    Front Boneless Wiper Blades
    Front Heated Wiper Blades
    Rear Bone Wiper Blades
    235/60 R18 Tyres
    255/50 R19 Tyres
    Rear Trailer Hitch
    Internal Equipments
    Black / Brown Interior Decoration
    Black / Grey Interior Decoration
    Black / Beige Interior Decoration
    Sanders Decorative Plates
    Sand Decorative Plates
    Poplar Decorative Plates
    Sunvisor w/Vanity Mirror & Light
    Ceiling Handles
    Armrest with Leather cover
    Ceiling Glasses Case
    Glovebox with Lock
    Leather Steering Wheel
    4-Way Manually Adjustable Steering Wheel
    Multi-function Steering Wheel
    Bluetooth Hands Free Link
    Brightness-adjustable Instruments
    Trip Computer
    12V Power Outlet
    220V Power Outlet(120W)
    110V Power Outlet
    Pedals with Aluminium Decoration
    Luggage Cover
    Slide rope hook
    Luxury foot pad
    Stainless Steel Threshold
    Steering Wheel with Paddle Shifters
    Seats Equipments
    Leather Seats
    Front Power Heated Seats
    Rear Power Heated Seats
    Memory Seats
    Front Active Headrest
    Lumbar Electric Support Drive Seat
    8-Way Electrically Adjustable Driver Seat
    4-Way Electrically Adjustable Front Passenger Seat
    Front Passenger Seat with VIP button switch
    Front Seats with leg rest Function
    Front ventilated seats
    Massage seats
    Electric Seat adjustment button (Chromeplated)
    ISOFIX Child Seat Fixing Device
    6:4 Separated Foldable Rear Seats
    Front Central Armrest
    Rear Central Armrest (with cup holder)
    Active/Passive Safety
    Dual Airbags
    Front Side Airbags
    Airbags Switch(Front Passenger Seat)
    Side Curtain Airbags
    Adjustable Front Seatbelts with Pretensioner
    Rear Seatbelts with Pretensioner
    3-Point Rear Center Seatbelt
    Electric Anti-glare Internal Rear-View Mirror
    Children Safety Lock
    Parking Radars(Front 4+Rear 4)
    Reverse Camera with the dynamic reversing auxiliary line
    Driver condition monitoring
    Remote control window closed
    Speed-sensing Central Door Lock
    Automatic Collision Unlocking Function
    Button Start System
    Keyless Entry System
    Intelligent key
    Remote Control Central Door Lock
    Automatic Locking Return Function
    Fuel tank cap switch inside the Car
    Flameout Automatic Unlocking
    Intelligent Door Locking Error-Proofing Function
    Car Locating Function
    Collapsible Energy-absorbing Steering Column
    TPMS(Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)
    ABS(Anti-skid Brake System)+ EBD(Electronic Brake force Distribution)+TCS(Traction Control System)
    BA(Brake Assist)
    ESP(Electronic Stability Program)
    HAC(Hill-start Assist Control)
    RMI(Roll Movement Intervention)
    HDC(Hill Descent Control)
    Parking Brake(foot plate)
    Cruise Control System
    Engine Immobiliser
    The anti-theft bolt
    Multi-media Equipments
    8" LCD touch screen
    4 High Tone Speakers + 4 Low Tone Speakers + 1 center-channel speaker + 1 Subwoofer
    Integrated Amplifier
    4 High Tone Speakers + 4 Low Tone Speakers + 1 center-channel speaker + 1 Subwoofer(famous brand)
    Independent Amplifier
    DVD(rear row)
    Glass/Rear Mirrior
    Green Glasses(Grey Glass Sunroof)
    Grey Glasses(back door+triangular window on the side+rear window)
    Heated Wire Defrost
    Full Power Windows (with one click lifting and anti-pinch Function)
    Electric Rear View Mirror w/ Defroster
    Rear View Mirror w/ LED Turn Signal Light
    Blue Rear View Mirror
    Rear View Mirror w/ memory assist
    Rear View Mirror w/ Body-coloured Strip(Piano lacquer base)
    Lamp Equipment
    Automatic Headlamps
    25W Xenon Headlamps
    35W Xenon Headlamps
    Headlights cleaning system
    DRL(daytime running lights)
    AFS(Adaptive Frontlighting System)
    Front/Rear Foglights
    High Level Brake Light
    Follow-Me-Home Function
    Ground lazer Lamp(Rear View Mirrior)
    Incar Ambient light
    Electric Height-ajustable Headlamps
    Air conditioning
    Three-zone automatic air conditioning
    Dust Filter
    Outside Temperature Indicator
    Air purification system
    Alarm system
    Front Seatbelt Unfastening Warning System
    2nd Row Seatbelt Unfastening Warning System
    Door Ajar Warning System
    Burglarproof Alarm System
    Over 120km/h Warning System
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    Length X width X height(mm)
    Wheel base(mm)
    Wheel track (mm)
    1647 (front)/1649 (rear)
    Minimum ground clearance (mm)
    197 (unload)
    Complete vehicle kerb mass (kg)
    2130 (four-wheel drive)
    Engine model
    Displacement (L)
    Maximum power (kW/rpm)
    Maximum torque (N•m/rpm)
    Braking system (front/rear)
    Vented disc/Drum-in-disc type parking brake system
    Suspension (front/rear)
    Front double-wishbone suspension/Rear multi-link suspension
    Drive mode
    Four-wheel drive